Direct Link Tracking - Setup

Note: This article relates to the Direct Link Tracking pro add-on.

First, download and install the Direct Link Tracking add-on. If you're unsure of how to install an add-on, see our installation guide

Note: Direct Link Tracking currently only works with AffiliateWP's default referral tracking. It will not work if Use Fallback Referral Tracking Method? is enabled from Affiliates → Settings → Misc.

Global settings

Once installed, navigate to AffiliateWP → Settings → Direct Link Tracking.

On this page there are two options:

  • Allow Direct Link Tracking - When checked, this will enable all affiliate accounts to enter one or more URLs from the Affiliate Area. If this option is left unchecked, URLs may only be entered by affiliates that have the option enabled on their account, which must be done by a site administrator. See additional information below on enabling direct link tracking for individual affiliates.
  • Number of URLs allowed - This option defines the number of URLs affiliates can register on their account. For example, if this is set to 1, affiliates will only be permitted to register a single URL on their account. Note: This option can be overwritten on individual affiliate accounts by site administrators.

Per-affiliate settings

Each affiliate account can have the global options overwritten by a site administrator from the Edit Affiliate screen for the affiliate.

If direct link tracking is enabled for all affiliates, the Edit Affiliate edit screen will show like this:

If direct link tracking is not enabled for all affiliates, it will show this:

Once tracking is enabled, either for an individual affiliate or globally, URLs can be registered on the affiliate's account.

Adding URLs as an administrator

To register a URL for an affiliate while logged-in as a site administrator, navigate to the Affiliate Edit screen and click Add new URL and enter the complete URL to the site:

For this example, we have added to the affiliate's account. This means that all traffic coming to your site from will be automatically attributed to this affiliate.

Important note: For Direct Link Tracking to function correctly, your affiliates' domain(s) must match your domain's protocol exactly. For example, if your domain starts with https:// (SSL enabled), then any affiliate who wishes to use Direct Linking Tracking must also have a https:// domain. Likewise, if your domain starts with http://, affiliates' domains must also start with http://.

Click Save Changes to store the URL on the affiliate's account. The URL will now be visible both in the affiliate's Affiliate Area and in the Direct Links section of the Affiliates menu.

The URL can be deactivated, removed, or modified at anytime by site administrators.

Note: Only URLs marked as Active will result in referral traffic being counted for the affiliate.

Adding URLs from the Affiliate Area

If Direct Link Tracking is enabled for an affiliate, a Direct Link Tracking Settings section will be available in the Settings tab of the Affiliate Area:

Affiliates will be able to enter as many URLs as per the site administrator's settings.

After a URL is added, it will be set as Pending and a message will be shown to the affiliate:

The pending message will be shown until an administrator approves the URL.

If an affiliate chooses to update a URL, the previous URL will remain active until the change has been approved by an administrator.

Moderating affiliate-submitted URLs

Every URL registered to affiliate accounts will be displayed in Affiliates → Direct Links. Each URL will show the domain name, the associated affiliate, the number of visits recorded for it, the status, and action links.

If there are URLs awaiting review, a count indicator will be shown on the Direct Links menu.

To approve a URL, simply click the Accept button.

To reject a URL, click Reject.

If a URL needs to be edited for any reason, for example if it included a spelling error, click Edit and you will be taken to the affiliate's Edit screen where the URL can be adjusted.