Recurring Referrals - setting recurring referral rates

Note: This article relates to the Recurring Referrals pro add-on.

Setting recurring referral rates with the Recurring Referrals pro add-on

The  Recurring Referrals pro add-on allows you to record affiliate commissions anytime a subscription payment is made on a membership that was referred by an affiliate. Instead of just awarding affiliates a commission on the initial signup, you can award them for every payment the members make over the lifetime of their subscription. Recurring Referrals supports certain subscription and membership platforms which are listed on the add-on's page.

Once installed and activated, the Recurring Referrals add-on will add a new tab to the Affiliates Settings screen called Recurring Referrals.

Follow these steps to set up recurring referrals for your subscription product:

  • Affiliates Settings Recurring Referrals tab, simply check the box and click Save Changes. Once enabled, referrals will be automatically recorded anytime a renewal payment is made for a subscription that was referred by an active affiliate. By default, the recurring referral rate will be your existing global referral rate 
  • You can choose to set a recurring rate if you'd like to pay your affiliates a higher or lower commission for ongoing subscription payments. Simply enter this number into the Recurring Rate field in the Recurring Referrals tab. The recurring referral rate type will be the same as your global referral rate type as defined in Affiliates  Settings General (Flat Rate or Percentage).