Affiliate Area Tabs - Creating and removing tabs

Note: This article relates to the free Affiliate Area Tabs add-on.

To add and manage default and custom tabs, go to the Affiliates → Settings → Affiliate Area Tabs page in your WordPress admin:

To remove the default tabs

  1. Check the box next to the default tabs you wish to remove from the Affiliate Area under the Disable Tabs list
  2. Click the Save Changes button. These tabs will no longer be visible to affiliates in the Affiliate Area.

Note: Make sure you are on the very latest version of AffiliateWP or you may not see the new options to remove the default tabs.

To add custom tabs

  1. Select a page from the dropdown menu which will hold the tab's content. You'll want to create this page first if you haven't done so already from the WordPress pages section. Pages assigned to a tab are only visible to affiliates. If a non-affiliate tries to view this page on your website, they will be redirected to the affiliate login screen
  2. Enter a title for your tab in the Tab Title input field
  3. If you need to create more tabs, click the Add New Tab button and repeat the process
  4. After you have finished adding your tabs, click the Save Changes button.

Your custom tabs can be viewed in your Affiliate Area. This is the page defined as the "Affiliate Area" at Affiliates → Settings → General.

Note: If you cannot see your Affiliate Area, make sure you have added yourself as an affiliate, or are logged in as an affiliate.